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Train yourself to the highest standard with Kawasaki

Why train with KRTS?

What you get with KRTS:

  • High standards of training & service.
  • Free advice & guidance from the KRTS Contact Centre.
  • Insurance premium discounts offered by major UK Insurance Underwriters.
  • Train on well-maintained quality Kawasaki machines.
  • Equipped with clean and proper fitting protective clothing.
  • £100 voucher towards the purchase of a New Kawasaki.
  • £50 voucher towards the purchase of a Used Kawasaki.
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KRTS Courses

Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience

'Designed for the complete novice, the Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience will leave you wanting more. You will spend 90 minutes at your training school in a safe, off road environment at a pace to suit you. Once you are kitted out with safety equipment, you will be introduced to a motorcycle and you'll be shown how to accelerate, steer and brake. You'll be shown how to balance the throttle and clutch and gear changing too. You can ask your instructor all about how to get a licence and they can explain the next stages to becoming a 'biker', or you can just walk away, with a massive grin on your face!

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Compulsory Basic Training

Your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling. You can chose to do the CBT course as a 'standalone' activity or it can be the precursor to full licence via a Direct Access Course (combined prices are available). You will learn the basic skills on one of our quality Kawasaki machines and be under the guidance of a qualified instructor. For more detail on what the CBT entails, look at the 'How to get started' tab.

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Kawasaki Licence Upgrade Course

If you already have a motorcycle licence, ride regularly and want to move to the next licence stage (for example A2 to Full A licence), this is perfect for you. You'll be introduced to one of our fantastic Kawasaki range modles suitable for you to take your tests on and your instructor will take you through the exercises that you will need to master to be able to take the required tests.

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Kawasaki Bespoke Rider Training Services

Because we know that you lead busy lives, we have put together a bespoke rider training package that can be tailored to fit your needs. Your KRTS authorised training school will arrange your training to suit you, at your pace to give you the outcome you need. We can also tailor your CBT lesson too. Just ask for details and lets work together to see what works best for you.

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Kawasaki Rider Training Licence Course

New to riding? Why not book the entire package together? Your authorised KRTS school can take you from walker to rider in one go. Your instructor will introduce you to Kawasaki's fantastic range of motorcycles during the course, from CBT, then out on the road to practice your road skills culminating with the taking required test(s). (Age restrictions will dictate which licence you can achieve)

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Optional KRTS Courses

If you have a current DL196 (CBT pass certificate) but would like to build your skill set to make you safer on that daily commute, this course is for you.

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